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Wireless Access Point - 5.8 GHz 18 dBi, 90 Degree MIMO

Integrated 16 dBi 90 degree sector antenna

  • 500+ Mbps capacity
  • High power (30 dBm) radio
  • Proprietary protocol (iPoll)
  • Integrated 18 dBi dual-polarized 90 degree sector antenna
  • Zero loss design
  • Integrated surge protection
  • Inovative mounting

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This high power, low profile outdoor 5.8 GHz 18 dBi MIMO wireless access point from LigoWave is made to excel in internet access, video surveillance and rural connectivity.

The LigoWave outdoor MIMO wireless access point features a high-output 29 dBm radio, 5.150 - 5.8 GHz frequency band, and offers a 4.35 mile line of (PTMP).

The cost-effective base station with integrated sector antenna is equipped with a 750MHz QCA 9563 CPU, a QCA 9882 radio, and 64MB RAM/16MB Flash Memory.

The state-of-the-art RF design delivers great output power, improves range, and enables capacity over 256QAM.

+500Mbps of throughput—the result of a powerful hardware platform with an 802.11ac technology-based radio and the iPoll proprietary data transmission protocol.

The LigoDLBac Series is backward-compatible with LigoDLB using iPoll, extending the lifetime of DLB devices and making network expansion and upgrading straightforward and inexpensive.

This product features a smaller form for the base station’s enclosure, which is lighter yet still retaining IP66-rated weather protection. Smaller packaging reduces freight costs and there are no metal parts, which makes it lighter and corrosion resistant.

The wireless access point also features an IP66 weather rated enclosure to withstand a variety of elements such as dust and sand, as well as harsh weather conditions, including rain and snow.

The adjustable mounting bracket is very easy to assemble and install. It consists of two easy-to-connect parts that allow tilting the device up and down when installing on a pole.

The wireless access point comes with a 2-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and US-based technical support.

What’s Included:

  • (1) LigoWave outdoor MIMO wireless access point
  • (1) Mounting bracket
  • (1) Set of mounting hardware
  • (1) Power supply
  • (1) Quickstart guide

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